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Jul 29, 2007 09:03 # 44828

Orchid *** feels excited about...

The Simpsons Movie

We saw it yesterday and it was really good! It's as if they packed a thousand great and funny ideas in about 90 minutes. Super, absolutely entertaining!

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Aug 09, 2007 19:12 # 44842

null throws in his two cents...

Re: The Simpsons Movie

Yes, and neither my hopes of a monumental life-altering experience nor my fears of lack of fun proved real. Basically it's a very long Simpsons episode with a more in-depth story and an extra helping of funnier-than-usual gags. (Some of the highlights: Homer removes a hornet's nest, Homer instructs his sled dogs to rest, Spider Pig)

Also, on the official movie homepage you can create your very own Simpsons avatar. :-)

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