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charlie *** wants to note...

Indiana Jones 4

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This is exactly what everyone was thinking. Foxtrot just said it.


I love Harrison Ford, but it's true. He's just not as young as he used to be.

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Hawkeye *** replies...

Re: Indiana Jones 4

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Well I'd say he's obviously not as young as he used to be. Makeup goes a long ways, but it can only go so far to reverse aging effects on an actor. Harrison Ford is older.

Did you mean that they shouldn't have attempted a fourth movie because he's too old? Maybe, but it didn't bother me so much.

As far as expectations were concerned, they were impossible to achieve. The first three were masterfully done, and even if it was written and directed by the minds of George Lucus and Steven Spielberg, I suppose you can't strike gold twice (or perhaps I should say four times).

Then they took a completely different direction than the other films. I think for this reason as well, the movie was done in a completely different style. The first three were set during the time of world war 2 with the nazis as the 'bad guys' while now the time is set in the year 1953 during the cold war, meaning the soviets are the bad guys this time. As a result, the theme wasn't biblical but more science fiction.

Without giving away anything about the movie, I'll just say that it's an excellent movie to watch if you lower your expectations a little. Expect a good film, but don't expect another Indiana Jones classic.

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andromacha *** shakes her head...

Re: Indiana Jones 4

This is exactly what everyone was thinking. Foxtrot just said it.

I love Harrison Ford, but it's true. He's just not as young as he used to be.

On the contrary I enjoyed the movie quite a bit. Certainly at first I was like "oh my God he looks so old", but it is also true that he was unshaved and looked like an old man on purpose (in my opinion). Later on in the movie, he almost looks like the way he looked in the previous movies. And the man is hot!! He's 60 years old, but I would say he is still in great shape... must be the marriage with Calista Flockhart ;)

Ok, maybe this Indiana Jones wasn't too similar to the previous ones, but hey there was action, some funny parts (even though it is always the same thing over and over about Indiana's fears). Probably what was too different is that they added a big "love" subplot... who knows, maybe the idea is that if they decide to make another Indiana Jones movie, it will be with Indiana Jones Jr. I certainly hope not, because Harrison Ford is THE Indiana Jones, but I cannot avoid thinking that the could be also some kind of "marketing" idea behind the plot.

At any rate, Harrison Ford ruled, rules and will rule. Always!!

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