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Being free again

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This is the first time in my life I'm happy about having got the pink slip, to say so. Thus I'm free once again to find a way better opportunity to work and to life.

The last few months tugged on my nerves like hell. My job created stress and more stress, not only at work itself but also within my relationship. And there's this fact that: I've been told several times that I havent been laughing much these days. So the decision to quit came to me naturally.

I'm reliefed by now. The strong weights are gone from my shoulders, I can sleep better now. And I'm tired again around this time (about 1 a.m. right now) which I wasnt just a few days ago.
Life is coming back to me! ;-)

cu, w0lf.

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Re: Being free again

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Nothing like the removal of a yoke. Yea verily.

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That's how I felt being "let go" from the Auto Center at the huge retail store I worked was just like, a sigh of relief. It was something thjat I was going to do; they just beat me to the punch.

Hope you find something nice to do. You're very talented, and smart. I try to follow your tech advice, and you out-geek me by miles :)

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Magnifico *** replies...

Go for the glory, go for the score, go for it Connect Four!

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Yeah, just take this as more of an opportunity than as a problem. Even if you can't find new work right away, maybe you could take some time to do a little travelling. A couple of my friends just got back from Croatia last weekend and they were saying that now seems like the best time to hit up the place (plus it's dirt-cheap). Or maybe read a book you haven't finished in a while. Maybe even take a little personal time to destroy the unrighteous oppressors of the capitalist framework consuming our society. The choices are endless!

(PS, that last part was basically inspired by the frequent appearance of the Nordpol Innsbruck and "Smash Capitalism" tags that seem to be on every other wall in Graz)

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