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My new appartement

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Gonna move to zurich this or next week (date isn't really fixed), and haven't got any pictures of it, but still, I'm too excited to not post about it.
Instead of driving 1.5 hours by bus and train to my university, I'll be able to reach it with a 700 metres walk. Finally all the sleep I could possibly want :) (ok I'd like to sleep till 12 o'clock but it's a good compromise ;) ).

Mhhm having my own bathroom, my own kitchen, my own everything, just HAS to rule ^^ (even though it's only 30 m^2, but that's enough for a guy and his tv/computer)

And well, as my parents spend like, 3-4 days a week in their holiday house (to which they'll move when I leave, our house has already been sold) I had to take care of a 6-room house all by myself, which was quite a nuisance.

And the best part about the appartement, besides reaching my university in 10 minutes by foot, is that I have 2 friends living less than one kilometre away from it.

Can't wait to move, should get a phonecall today to fix the date for it... maybe i should make a post in "What sucks" about "Waiting for a phonecall on when you can move to your new appartement" ;)

And finally i will leave this small (but beautifull) city and go to a metropolis. A huge imporvement when it comes to culture and so on. (Though zurich is still small, by international standards).
I'll somehow miss it, Schaffhausen is a nice city, but it's just a one-horse town after all. Nothing you can do here and most of my friends got cars and can visit me in Zurich easily.

With those 3 hours more time I'll have per day, I'll finally be able to play Final Fantasy XII more often *lol*

well anyways, the whole thing rocks and I'll start a "What sucks" post as soon as I move in, as naturally, it's way better before you move in than afterwards when you see all the little flaws which it surely has, as everything else has too ;)

cya Magic

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Re: My new appartement

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So after almost a month, I finally moved in with everything needed (before, I was sleeping on the ground and didn't really have any furniture ;) ), so here are the promised pictures. It's still a little messy but I'm going to clean most of it tomorrow. And after all... hey I'm a guy, I WORSHIP the mess ;)

so here are the pictures, taken with my webcam as I haven't got any decent camera right now.
hope the flash slideshow works.

uhm my kitchen needs a little tidying, left of my TV there's a Wii, a PS2 and a Xbox 360 :) The TV is also my PC-Screen (it's a hd-tv). Just watered my bonsai. Still gotta put up all my swords, gonna make a nice "weapon wall".
post good comments here and send complaints to my renter ;)

Well, but I wouldn't have expected to enjoy myself this much by simply having my own home. No parents that, if they're there, complain about something(and if they weren't, I had to take care of the whole house... often for weeks). I got loud neighbours *yay*. I hope they never realise that even if they're loud, I'm louder ;) And even though I have to go to the main building of my university, I realised that later on I will have to go to the main building of the computer science students more often, and that's like, 10 m across the street. If I wouldn't do push-ups, sit-ups and so on every other day I'd get really fat over the next 4 years ;)

Next friday a friend and I will go partying in zurich a little, will be nice just having to walk 20 minutes home and not having to catch the 3 o'clock train and then driving by train and bus and so on untill you wish you just would've stayed at home. (The only thing worse is having had some beers, then catching the bus at 4 o'clock, which has NO toilet, realising that you have to go to the toilet 3 minutes after the bus left and then having to stand it one hour... or leaving the bus and having to wait 3 hours for the next train/bus... )

anyways, if you are at zurich, there's always a cup of delicious black tea waiting for you ;) NO coffee NO alcohol... geez I'm soo boring :P

"The wise have always said the same things, and fools have always done the opposite"-Schopenhauer

Feb 05, 2007 08:42 # 43903

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Re: My new appartement

Congratulations to your new apartment! It looks nice enough, and sleeping close to where you spend your days (and nights) can't be all bad.

But, I have to say...

left of my TV there's a Wii, a PS2 and a Xbox 360 :) The TV is also my PC-Screen (it's a hd-tv).

It still puzzles me how students always get the latest tech gadgets in qualities and amounts that even many working people couldn't afford. What is your dark secret, you ETH crowd?

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Feb 05, 2007 11:03 # 43905

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Re: My new appartement

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Well, during day-time, I'm an ordinary eth-student. But at night, I turn into magicdeadman, fighting for peace and justice, and after peace and justice are taken care of, I write reviews about games for a newspaper, which earns me as much as 50 bucks a month (yay I'm rich ;) ), in the meantime earning me all the games and consoles I could possibly want for free. And also I can go to press events, like next weekend I'm at the kaufleuten in zurich, with free dinner and VIP entry for the party afterwards. Ok, I bought the HD-TV myself, but first of it's a Samsung, and as Switzerland has got a free-trade agreement with South Korea, Samsung products are extraordinarily cheap. And well, after all, I'm a computer science student. We earn the most ;) Like programming a website for a company for about 50 bucks an hour earned me the tv and 1 month holidays in thailand last fall ;)
I have to add that a friend of mine studies computer science in thailand, so I could stay at his house in bangkok and we also were in his bungalow on the beautiful island of Koh Payam including 100m private beach with noone else around, except for the burmesian family that lives on his land, but well, they did our biding :P (for a small fee, that is). So I only had to pay for the flight and all the replica watches I bought and I acutally only used 300 bucks for the whole month.

Well, now that you know my secret, I'm sorry but I have to kill you unless you sign a contract not to spread the word of how rich computer science students are :P

And hey, we don't get the girls, let us at least get the money ^^

P.s. out of decency, I hid the PSP, the DS, the Palm, the Gameboy SP and my laptop. Otherwhise the pictures would have overwhelmed by the sheer geekiness ;)

"The wise have always said the same things, and fools have always done the opposite"-Schopenhauer

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Re: My new appartement

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out of decency, I hid the PSP, the DS, the Palm, the Gameboy SP and my laptop.

Oh that's just decadent.

But then, I'm only saying that because *I* wish I had an appt in Zurich with a 360, a Wii, a PSP, a DS, a bonsai tree, an SP . . .

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Re: My new appartement

Well, the apt is very nice, despite the resolution....
Problem is, it looks like it could be an apartment almost anywhere. I guess I was expecting more ornate, or "historic" architecture. Is your building new?
I really dig the furniture, like the kitchen chair and the sofa. nice design.

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Mar 28, 2008 23:16 # 45641

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Re: My new appartement

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I love the slide show. It reminds me of thoes memory movies people make about an important event. And moving into a place all your own ranks up there on the list.

Oct 03, 2007 19:48 # 44992

zen *** replies...

Re: My new appartement

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I'm rating this post as wicked excellent, cause you get to live in Zurich.....I'm very jealous.
Zurich is beautiful, and I've heard the people are exceedingly nice. :0

Once Fred Neitszche declared God is Dead, f*ck became the most important word in the English languag

Oct 05, 2007 08:34 # 45010

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Re: My new appartement

Uhm, sort of old. I'd say 30-50 years, judging from the ancient oven it has got. Hasn't even got anything that tells you the temperature on it, no window to see what's inside and it's in this ceramic 50's look ;) Which is why i have a small oven that i use and the built-in one is merely used as a cabinet (I put all my different sorts of tea in there). And the wood floor is also quite old by the looks of it ;) But it's not like 18 century old if that's what you mean.

And hey, i have like 5 minutes to get to the old town of zurich, so if i wanna see some old buildings.

The main building of my university has also got quite a nice architecture. I love those huge old wooden doors with metal plating on them and so on :)

I've lived here for a little more than half a year now and I wouldn't want to miss it. Gotta love the city ;) Partying on weekends, or going to some jazz bar.

Or the other day me and a friend were just walking around the city, we met this guy from senegal in a park, hanged out together, had some very interesting cultural talk and he invited us to his place this weekend. Just the sort of things that rarely if ever happened in my small home town. Or yesterday I had some friends from kasachstan who are spending their holidays in Switzerland visit me and showed them the town, was a nice afternoon.

Somehow funny how in the anonymity of a big city you get to know more people than you would have in a small everyone-knows-everyone town :)

And you can walk around the "Ghetto" of zurich without having any fear. I've never had problems with anyone bugging me and stuff (Except maybe for this one drunk guy, but he was too drunk to be of any harm ;) )

Only bad thing bout zurich, all the cyclists are sooo snobby. Never ring their bell or say something when they overhaul you, cyclists in zurich are really a death trap ;)

Anyways, thanks for the comment, come visit me if you ever come to town ;)

cya, Magic

P.s. and beware the cyclists!

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Re: My new appartement

I'll finally be able to play Final Fantasy XII more often *lol*

Now that rules!

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