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Some things that make me wonder

Have you ever watched someone do something and it made you just stand there wondering how they made it this far in life without being hit by something big enough to take them out of the gene pool?

People who do things that completely defy rational thinking, that's another group of people that make me wonder the same thing.
Like taking all the big expensive knives at work and hitting them blade first against the counters, also metal until the blade is damaged beyond repair. I have no idea what was going through these folks' heads at the time they were doing this.
That's bad anyway, but in a resturant?

Or the kids who decited to take a vw bug down a hill at 100 miles and hour without any thought to the possiblity that there would be anyone else on the same road.
They ran into a very large truck, and the impact sent the bug into the air while the truck went over as well.
The girl died on impact and the boy, who was the driver, died later at the hospital.
This was last october here in town.

Or the people who think that everything is just fine and dandy with everything.

These folks and many more, I'm sure that there are other people who make you wonder how they made it this far, are the reason that somethings are the way they are.

They are the reason things take longer, and don't you just love standing behind one of them when your waiting to get what you need to do done and get on with the next thing.

These folks are responsible for at least some of the redicilous laws that exist today.
Take the guy with the twinkie defense. This guy said the reason he went crazy and killed so many people is because he ate too many twinkies and it made him crazy.

The lady who sued Mc Donalds because she got burned by hot coffee after going through the drive through and got breakfast which included the suspect coffee.
Guess where she was bright enough to put the coffee as she drove away?
Between her legs. Simply amazing.
Now there are warnings about how hot the coffee is on the cups they serve it in.

Who did what to get a law passed in Oklahoma that it's illegal to hunt whales there is one story I would just love to hear.
Whale hunting in oklahoma is impossible due to the fact that it's no where near the ocean.

I found a copy of the darwin awards. I found lots of folks who were kind enough to take themselves out of the gene pool permanetly.
Not that I rejoice at the thought, but when someone does something so dumb that it cost them their lives, well, they deserve a darwin.

What sucks about all of this is that it could be anyone of the rest of us doing this stuff. We just figured out that doing stupid stuff was well, just stupid, so what's the point.
Unfortunately there are still people out there doing things that make me wonder why they are doing them and wondering at the same time what their actions will end up doing to the rest of us.
I was going to mention the guy in the white house, but his list of stupid activities is really long and since he still has a few months left for more stupid human tricks, I think I'll wait to compile the list.

I wonder if he'll go down in history as the worst president in american history.
I'll bet he's up there in the top 5 at least.

The oil companies in this country are another bunch of sucky folks. They like to play crab in the pot with the rest of us.
Crab in the pot goes like this: take a pan of cold water, throw some salt in it just to make the crab think it's ended up in a strange ocean with metal sides, then slowly turn up the heat and turn it down again. If you turn it up fast the crab goes nuts, but as soon as you cool the water down, the crab, what is left of it in a living state, stops going nuts.
I regretfully admit as a kid I participated in this act of stupidity.
I appoligize to crabs every where. and all the people who love them.
I was dumb and stupid. But I learned a basic principal of what the oil companies love to do to the rest of us.
These people just plain suck.

And the pharmacutial companies as well, sucketh big time.
It's amazing that a pill that costs about .5 cents to produce can end up costing 80 dollars a pill.
It makes you wonder what happened between the 5 cents part and the 80 dollars a pill part.
I got to count this kind of stuff when I was doing invantory.
I don't work for that company any more, so I can tell what I saw.

It baffles the mind and continues to make me wonder how some people who repeatedly do stupid things have made it this far without a collision with a big rock.

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