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Movie time...

The last movie listed here was Indiana Jones 4, last year.
Well since then I have seen some really amazing films.

Here's my list: I've thought about getting some of thoes cheezy dollar films and starting a cheap flick would be fun at the very least.
Back to my list.

The Mirror Mask. Awesome, awesome, from the Jim Henson studios.
I love the stuff that comes from that creative place.

The Fountian. I love this movie. The graphics are delicious, good story too.

Hostle. Ohhhh way too creepy to make me want to watch it a second time.

Transformers. Hey, where's mine? I want bumble bee to be my car. I know that if he was mine I could just fly across the ocean any time I wanted so that when the meeting time comes I could arrive in style!

Limeny Snickets, A series of unfortunate events. This was just fun. I love the house that is hanging over the ocean. I would love to live there, except the part when all the supports are gone.

Holes. Great story. Different stories that are all tied together.

Dead Man. Neil Young does the music and the story is about the journey of a man who is dying and ends up with this indian guide named nobody and it's really good.

So what has everyone else been watching?

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Re: Movie time...

Those are some great movies

i just got done watching the life aquatic by wes anderson...Great flick

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Re: Movie time...

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Well, I haven't seen it yet, but I think my recent pick would have to be Choke, based on the novel by Chuck Palahiuk.
The fact that I've actually read this book, is not an insignificant statement. I'm not much of a reader--of novels anyway. But my roommate got an advanced copy of it, and I'd recently seen Fight Club. He was also featured prominently by one of the other writer's, Singlemalt, from back in the LitKicks days.
True to form, the book was an excellent read. Were it human, it would've been a hot date.

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Re: Movie time...

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Ok, where to begin...

IronMan - finally a superhero movie that wasn't trying for kitch jokes and cliche humor. I actually didn't hate it!

The Dark Knight - Yeah, it was cool. The Joker role was nailed, Batman is pretty well played and all in all, i really like it.

Step Brothers - Ok, I just laughed to myself thinking about it. It's absurd, moronic, crass and pretty much baseline humor but those two guys can make it really fucking funny. Especially since I was drinking at the time.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua - Oh for god's sake, why? I believe I have a temporary case of diabetes from watching this. It's that cute and that painful at the same time.

Cloverfield - mmmmmmmmmmmm delicious. What a great movie this was simply because they really did a great job with it. Plus it's scary but not in a traditional sort of way.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor - Yeah, right. Love Jet Li but this franchise has sadly run it's course. Even the wife is different in this one.

Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay - Wow! I mean Wow! This was something. Funny, yes, especially the part where Neil Patric Harris is high on psychotics, killing people and talking about whores and... well, let's just say it was rough but funny. Watch at your own risk.

Eagle Eye - Cool and fast paced but nothing new here. I won't give it away but you will know the ending about 3/4 of the way through. Plus Shia is the same fucking role he is in every other movie. Sorry dude.

Semi-Pro - Funny but not his best work. I do love a good Will Farrell flick though so this one holds up for something fun to watch.

Spiderwick Chronicles - Good fantasy, definitely felt like a kids book adaptation and left itself WAAAAAAYYYYY open for sequels. Good story all in all.

Nim's Island - Hmmmm... well, it was a story. Interesting but they tried to make a completely improbable situation seem probable including a psychotic writer, sentient animals, amazing survival at sea and anumber of other things... never mind.

Hellboy 2 - More of the same, cooler monsters, decent story. Watch and enjoy if you like supernatural sci-fi.

The Love Guru - Funny if somewhat old Mike Myers type stuff. There was a lot of Austin Powers style joke although it dii have me laughing a bunch so it scores high enough on that level.

Wall-E - Not bad. Not bad at all. I think maybe this will top out the list for animated films for this season. You should watch it.

The Incredible Hulk - Much better than the last one and had a nice tie in with Tony Stark from Ironman so I give Marvel props for getting contol back of their stuff and making it better.

Wanted - Ok, given that you have to believe a whole hell of a lot that is not remotely possible, this is a good action movie. Cool stunts, Angelina Jolie naked from the back (if that's your kind of thing) and of course, the man who can cool up any damn movie, Morgan Freeman.

Sex and the City - I am still in counseling for this movie. Ok, not really but to be honest, I could have written the screenplay for it, it was so predictable. Let it die, people!

Jumper - Cool story, cool idea but as is the case with many a movie, the books, yes, there are more than one, are way cooler in scope and ideas than the movie. Granted it's hard to do these things just right and they did a great job but I still love the books better.

The Happening - Your logic circuits are going to be screaming at you after this one is done. Trust me, it makes very little sense. It's got good creepy moments and all but really...

I Am Legend - And wow, a movie that was way better than the book. Trust me, the book just fucks with you. You get this whole story about how he survives, finds the dog and all this other stuff and suddenly, he's caught by the vampires and executed. Then there are some other chapters that have very little to do with the story. Just pissed me off. Good movie though.

The Bucket List - Good story with Morgan Freeman AND Jack Nicholson which ups the street cred considerably. However, so depressing you really want to hang yourself after it's over. Ok, maybe that's my depression stalking.

Indiana Jones 4 - Well, not what I was expecting, not that bad. Relied on some old people jokes and of course the one trick pony Shia but it wasn't all that bad either.

Kung Fu Panda - Another decent animation movie. Jack Black is funny but sounds a little too much like himself. I always wonder why they don't get them to do voices more unless they are trying to sell the movie based on the actor, not the movie. Imagine that.

Fuck it, can't remember any more and I'm tired of thinking about it.

So, any thoughts?

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