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Re: Anaglyph Desktop

Sure looks cool.

Well, even though theres no head-tracking, there's some other cool stuff to do with laptops.

Many laptops nowaday have some motion sensors that know what angle the laptop is at (like if you twist it to the side or front/back) to sensor jolting (to shut down the hard drive to prevent damage).

so yeah, here goes ;) I imagine you could do a lot of other cool stuff with this. For instance, instead of wearing those glasses, you could "look around" by twisting your laptop (though it wouldn't work to calculate the distance).

I guess there's a whole lot of new groovy technologies on the verge and the next 10 years will bring a huge development.

For instance there's a sort of "Putting the head tracking thing to the next level" technology just waiting for it's commercial application.

There has been a monitor that produces 3d images for a certain viewing- position for quite some time.

Ok, lets take the common 3d holographic image thingy you have on your visa card. that's made for a specific viewing angle to appear 3d.

( ok what I'm talking about next has nothing to do with those things because they're holographic and I'm talking about autostereoscopy, holographic means it reproduces the lightfield of the scene that was taken, whereas autostereoscopy just means it sends two images at the same time without need for glasses. it's just to illustrate the progression)

Then there came the single-viewer display with a similar technique, only that it's not confined to a fixed angle, instead it works for every viewing angle, but only one at a time. You can combine that with advance head tracking (you know, this wii-mote stuff is just childs-play, you can have a camera mounted with face-recognition that determines when there is a head in the vision-field and where it is) . Usually done with display that can send light in different directions.
One technology is, you send the images with phase-aligned light and the display has like, tiny mirrors that shift the different phases to different directions and are moveable, and there's many other technologies.

This was followed up by multi-user autostereoscopic screens. si it would recognize multiple persons and send a multitude of image so every head gets the right one.

and just to show you that this isn't some utopia like "well yeah, when I'm in my retirement home there'll be 3d screens",
check this out: Philipps 42" 3DWOW TV for 9 viewers... If only i had 9000 to spare...
And 3DTV is planned.

And this ist just a little glance at all the new technologies on the verge right now.
Like, flexible displays that could be incorporated into clothes and so on.

It sure is an amazing time to live in ;) but I guess everyone thinks this in their era

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Re: Anaglyph Desktop

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I know this was written last october, but have you seen the videos on youtube about using the wii remote to get 3-d interactive immages on the screen?

I love 3-d by the way. This is pretty just as a double immage of blue and red overlayed.
I like the magic eye books too.

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