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hastings ** posts about...

The war of "Liberal" Media vs. ...? "Conservative" Media?

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"Liberal Media"
"Liberal Propaganda"
"Liberal Academia"
"Elitist Liberal"
"Conservative Views"
"Left Wing Fanatic"
"Homosexual Agenda"

I have recently, and regrettable, become addicted to "conservative" talk radio. I just don't know how. I like to listen to talk radio rather than music stations.

I guess I got hooked on the long 100 mile night drives I so often had to take to and from Philadelphia for college purposes.

Now I can't stop listening to their dribble. It has no intellectual value. Nothing is taught, nothing is explained, nothing new is learned (other than the opinion and views of the host and his/her listeners).

The more I listen to their "liberal" bashing the more I realize I might be a liberal myself. I never though I was, but since my own views and opinions perfectly contradict those of the hosts:
[Anne Culter(sp?)
Rush Limbaugh
Steve Corbett
Michael Savage

I attend a University that offers many Liberal Arts degrees, and I don't see anything wrong with it. I've attended many of these "liberal" courses and learned a lot about this country and many others. In particular, I had a summer course that covered the history of the Caribbean.
What those people went though is simply awful. The Europeans wiped out an entire race of people in less than a hundred years. Than stole and enslaved people from Africa. Than the American Government re-enslaved the establish nations with debt (the IMF and World Bank).
[/a] Link to the book I'm referencing.

I need some help understanding these hosts views.

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zen *** has all the information you need...

Re: The war of "Liberal" Media vs. ...? "Conservative" Media?

Well, you did say it. For a college.

We don't appreciate doing anyone's homework or them.

Now, i you had a clear idea of what specific issue you had in mind, and then offered some type of facts and information to substantiate your viewpoint--obviously well-ormed, and well informed, we'd be interested in undertaking a challenge.

However, since you're not seeming to be all that bright, you get rated down--very heavily.

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Re: The war of "Liberal" Media vs. ...? "Conservative" Media?

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I attend a University that offers many Liberal Arts degrees, and I don't see anything wrong with it. I've attended many of these "liberal" courses and learned a lot about this country and many others. In particular, I had a summer course that covered the history of the Caribbean.
What those people went though is simply awful.

I just want to point out (just so you know) that "liberal arts" has nothing to do with political leanings. It is a technical term that simply means your school teaches degrees that cover a broad scope of topics. If you get a degree in liberal arts, all that means is that you're going to be studying history, literature, science, art, mathematics, as opposed to just focusing in on one area. I go to Calvin College, a liberal arts college in Michigan that is part of the Christian Reformed Church, and it's an institution which most would consider to be quite conservative in most things (depending on where you're coming from). I guess this is an example of how the word "liberal" (which simply means broad or extensive) has ceased to possess a neutral meaning and has become tethered to its modern political connotations. "Liberal Arts" is an approach to education that has its origins in ancient Greece and Rome, and its just a matter of covering ALL the topics a person ought to know about; it doesn't have anything to do with the political viewpoint from which they are being covered (though they may be taught with a liberal political slant in some cases).

Just so you know :-) And it definitely can be the best way to get an education, especially if you want to be a writer. I guess all that's a bit of a minor point considering what your post is about... as for the main point you were getting at in your post, I guess my reaction would be that the people you listed (Anne Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, etc) are not really the intellectual sort of conservatives, and do what they do more for popularity and sensationalism than they do it to provide intellectual input to the American political scene. They're idiots, quite frankly, and you're hearing this from someone who just about everyone would consider conservative. They create the caricature by which it is easy to paint all conservatives as being alike--simple-minded, hateful, arrogant, bigoted, and self-absorbed. Now I don't think you're really trying to do that, but a lot of people draw those conclusions from commentators like those simply because those fools (and in general, the FOX News crowd) get the most attention because they are the most obnoxious.

I wish I had a few names I could give you for more intellectual and level-headed conservatives just to give you a sampling, but the fact of the matter is that I loathe politics, especially the nincompoops like Rush Limbaugh who make the political landscape as desolate as it currently is... I just want to caution you against jumping to the conclusion that conservatism can be accurately understood by sensationalist muckrakers like Coulter, Limbaugh, O'Reilly, and others. They are highly amusing, I'll give you that, but they have very little integrity.


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Re: The war of "Liberal" Media vs. ...? "Conservative" Media?

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I think ecthelion said it best. You may be a liberal for contradicting the views of such tv personalities, though it may simply be because it's not uncommon to hear outlandish claims without any facts to back it up.

If it's still not clear why that may be the case, let me make a more straightforward example. If I, a bearded man, make the claim that the sky is pink rather than blue, you can either assume all bearded men are idiots or you can just assume I'm an idiot. It's sort of obvious when I put it this way, but it may not be as obvious when a supposedly 'conservative' political commentator says something stupid because he or she is supposed to be 'good' at that sort of thing.

Moral of the story is to believe whatever you want to believe and leave others to make fools of themselves. I tell myself that everytime I come to a conclusion on a political issue. If I can't justify something I want to believe by facts which support it, I simply won't.

Fun to watch'em though. :D

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