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May 16, 2008 04:05 # 45754

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Airsoft Gun!

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Hey everybody!
Well, I may be getting a new airsoft gun for my birthday and I want your guys' feedback. I airsoft often, and I think it's a fantastic sport to just spend time with your friends our just waste some hours in those lazy days of summer.

Ok, onto the gun:

L96 Sniper Rifle
FPS: 500-510
Clip: 30 rounds
scope: 3-9 x 40
Range: 210-220 ft.
Price: [color=red]$160[/color]

The ratings for this gun were excellent, but as you all know, ratings are not always true to the actual rifle. So if any of you guys could dig up some information on this particular gun, it will be greatly appreciated.

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