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Aug 07, 2008 17:07 # 45949

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So Excited

Hey there,
I am so stoked to to see Puddle of Mudd live in August! I am probably their #1 fans for the past few years. I am also super excited too see their opening act called Pop Evil... my friend told me about them the other month and since then I have been hooked. They are coming out with a new CD called Lipstick in the Mirror... its not out yet but I will be the first in line when it does. For now I am kind of obsessed with listening their myspace(, especially the song Hero. What do you guys think of them?


Sep 02, 2008 12:33 # 45992

ContingencyPlan * replies...

Re: So Excited

I don't know, I'd say they're alright. Psycho and Famous are favorites off their last album, but I was disappointed when I bought it that I didn't particularly like any of the other songs on there. They were alright, but not up to the potential of those two songs.

Didn't know they were making a new album, will have to look for it. Haven't heard of Pop Evil - got any Youtube videos / songs to suggest?

I'll see your two cents, and raise you a dollar... :)

May 28, 2015 09:21 # 47503

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Re: So Excited

Aww, I love the Psycho album, and guess that the next one is a little... too comercial :/

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