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Frost Dancers by Gary Killworth

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Hi all,

I would like to recommend the book "Frost Dancers". It is a really stunning book telling the story of a hare. Yes, you got me right .. it says h a r e . Actually the hero in that book is a mountain hare from Scotland who gets caught and is shipped to England. He manages to flee and has quite some adventures to cope with. Some might find this childish. However this book is not for children. It is a real treasure though. It is not suiteable for small children as some animals die in a very sad way. The book is funny, lovely, curel and sad but yet always amazing.

It is the unconventional story of a hare who manages to cope with unforseeable problems and his fellow animals - who have to deal with cultural differences as well :) A fable like story and really good read.

Just my 2 cents

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