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betty *** throws in her two cents...

Heaven looks like a full bookshelf

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I have found myself living in a house that is filled to bursting with books on any subject you can imagine... well, not any subject, but I brought the Chaos and Zen books with me. The
Science Fiction collection is so vast as to make any alternative history/ future/alien/alternate reality freaks suffer a minor stroke. I have also been gifted with all of the time in the world to sit on the side of a mountain and read, read, read.

I have discovered Spider Robinson. I got lost in the world of Callahan's Pub, now I'm learning about Star Dance (I'm starting the series backwards though, since I picked up Star Mind first).

I have a glory of books on building underground homes, needlework, cooking, worm identification, herbs, teas, automotive repair, numerology, tarot, dinosaurs... really, I'm in literal heaven.

Just thought I'd share...

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Hawkeye *** replies...

Re: Heaven looks like a full bookshelf

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Literal heaven. Nice play on words. :)

Sounds truly marvelous! I'd love to have so many books. My brother has quite a collection which varies from Science Fiction Novels to Harry Potter series to programming how-to books to general university textbooks on any topic. Searching through for a book in his collection to read is something like being a kid in a candy store for me.

I have a few books myself, but strangely enough, I don't enjoy browsing them because I've already read them. I guess it's something like seeing a movie you've already seen. I only get pleasure from browsing the bookshelves of other people. :P

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betty *** replies...

Re: Heaven looks like a full bookshelf

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I love my own shelves as much as those of others because I tend to buy a stack or two when I have money and find myself in a used bookstore. A couple of friends of mine own a great used bookstore in town, most of it Nonfiction (my favorite 'genre'). I still have plenty of books that I haven't read, and a good chunk that I forgot that I have. Okay, I may be a bit of a hoarder, but if hoarding books is wrong I don't want to be right!

Maybe you could try some hoarding and freshen up your shelves?

I am just me, searching for simplicity.........and a good hair stylist

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