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Learning to play Bass

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My husband is a magnificent composer/guitarist of the metal persuasion and has convinced me to learn how to play the bass guitar. I am fully 4 months into learning, my blisters have finally developed calluses, I displaced a rib because of frequent body positioning and I can play about 7 songs pretty darn well with a full band (Full band at this point consists of myself and said husband along with a drum track- we're a little isolated on the top of a mountain at the moment, which will be relieved soon when we relocate to be nearer our drummer, who is likewise practicing to a soundtrack). I have taken up singing outside of the shower and isolated mountainsides, and have to say I sound pretty darn good.

This new lifestyle for me doesn't just Rule- It Rocks!!

I am just me, searching for simplicity.........and a good hair stylist

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