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Cal Thomas leads followers astray

I posted this to my local paper, The Day, which ran an article by noted conservative Cal Thomas. Sometimes I agree with his views, but more often not. This was one of the latter times.

Reply to: '"Church of what's happening now' leads followers astray", by Cal Thomas (The Day 23 July 2009)

Oh, that Cal Thomas!
In his editorial "'Church of what's happenin' now' leads followers astray," (23 July2009) he himself does a fine job of leading followers' astray. In his rambling tirade against same-sex marriage, he's upset his chosen faith isn't standing beside him upholding that banner.
In an attempt to stay more relevant the Episcopalian church is including more people that it has traditionally marginalized and shunned. In an attempt to gain more congregation, and assumedly more paying members, the Episcopalian Church, as with other denominations, is "wooing" those it formerly considered "sinners," infidels, etc. through this process of "inclusivity."
My first thought in reading this article is: why should we care about his religion? For the life of me, I'm trying to decide why learning anything about his chosen lifestyle should mean anything to me, or anyone else. It then dawned on me that that's what the religiously-inclined do: they make a choice, and then want to tell everyone all about it, and then try to convince the rest of the world that their decision is the right one for everyone. Apparently, that's why he's so ardent and fervent in his dislike of an official sanction of same-sex marriage. That is because, due to the "nosy neighbor" policy inherent in his chosen lifestyle, others' actions interfere in his life. Somehow, because two other humans love each other, his love for his wife is canceled. Within his lifestyle of "Episcopalian" there would seem to be a tight calculus where god's great love and mercy doesn't hold sway.
We can thank him for mercifully saving us from recitation of scripture. Certainly, within the pages of the Old Testament there's ample scripture to support his conservative views governing marriage. But if he's upholding those laws, I hope he's also remembering the plentiful laws regarding food preparation and eating unleavened foods, preparing a sacrificial lamb (bull, or ram) for slaughtering, as well as those honouring the practice of incest, and the rest of those goofy laws that seem to be overlooked these days.
The problem with his thinking, in his addressing this so-called condensed version of those scriptures, he himself holds to an abridged version of history of his esteemed belief system. I know that the history of the Catholic/Christ-based churches has been one of co-opting local traditions: usurping, converting and renaming them for service to Mother Rome. The fable of Astarte, or Easter as Christians now-know it, is the most shining example, second only to Christmas.
For the sake of discussion, let's assume his demonination is not a part of that poisoned tree, and it is not taking orders from Papal Decree to subjugate the local peasants, and "pagans", by assimilating their cultures and traditions. Let's assume for this discussion that his church is as he sees it today: a self-standing religion, operating as it always has.
In researching this article, I wikipedia-ed Episcopalian. What returns is Angelican Episcopalian, more often. The Episcopal Church is such a tiny group, a true minority, overshadowed by Anglican Orthodox Church, and no less than 20 off-shoots. We read that his church started as a protest to The Church of England. The history of his church is one of tumult: engrained into its very fabric.
"The Episcopal Church was active in the Social Gospel movement of the late nineteenth century and since the 1960s and 1970s has played a leading role in the progressive movement and on related political issues. For example, in its resolutions on state issues the Episcopal Church has opposed the death penalty, and supported the civil rights movement and affirmative action." Episcopal Church
With its history of breaking apart from tradition, taking a stance on important social issues, it looks like the Episcopal Church is truly a progressive, forward-looking body of believers. It would seem inevitable that there will be a blessing on same-sex marriage. It also seems Cal Thomas has picked the wrong church.

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