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Having fun again

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If you once get hooked on with it, you are always going to crave to get it back ...

.. what I am taking about is: After 6 years of abstinence, I am back with doing a live radio show! 8)

This thursday will be my third sixth show (I started writing on this little text about three weeks ago), but I'm already getting back into it - its just so much fun planning and gathering stuff for it.

Lots of plans are up, including to feature more local bands, already doing some specials - eg. last thursday there has been a electro & industrial death metal-special - preparing a new proper new site, maybe even printing some flyers and throwing them around in the neighbourhood ... lots of stuff! ;)

The current site is kinda temporary, and still just a mess, but will improve - as soon as I find the time to do the redesign, which will also help me to learn to know more about the innards of [url=]Habari[/url], my favorite blogging platform.

What I'm still missing are some proper requests, but I thinks this is gonna change as soon as I got some more attention both in the intarrwebs as also IRL ;)

For more about this magical show + station, take a look at it yourself (yeah, I know this is kinda promo / ad, but well ...)


In CET, the times would be 19 - 22 o'clock / 7 - 10 p.m ;)

cu, w0lf.

beards are cool. every villain has one!

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