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New visual/musical forms, enabled by technology

Oh, the joys of high-def YouTube! And just YouTube in general, and becoming even less specific, the internet and the vast well of digitally exchangeable music. For areas of technology, all of these things are relatively young. I see many signals that we should be very excited about the future of music/video/technology combinations - as these areas grow and develop, we will see artistic endeavours the likes of which have never been seen before. I've seen some good examples already, so I'll share a couple here...

Midi-based musical animation. If you're anything like me, this will deeply enhance your appreciation of Bach (doubly so if you partake in Mary Jane beforehand... trust me). This type of representation is a stunning way to illustrate the power of classical music (for further demonstration, see the video for Beethoven's 5th). The musician behind these is classically trained, demonstrating the potential power of synergy between old school quality goods and information technology means. And, as icing on the cake, a version of the software needed to create them is available for free.

Pomplamoose VideoSong. Asides from being friggin' adorable, this pair of musicians are real innovators. VideoSong is a genre within which they are self-proclaimed pioneers. The essential idea is that what you see is what you get: all elements of their songs are shown at some point on video, with no overdubs. This could end up being dull, but since they're plenty creative and talented it rarely is. This is another nice example where talent, creativity, spontaneity and technical innovation are all channeled through their YouTube... channel.

I suppose this guy is something of a predecessor to Pomplamoose. Similar idea (and pretty great) but distinctly more amateur. The progress I think we'll see in the future is towards greater fusions of professionalism and creativity, taking unique and exciting forms. New technology enables these forms, and the filtering of social media allows the cream of the new crop to be discovered and shared faster than ever before.

This is somewhat unrelated, but if you happen to enjoy some of the aforementioned MJ, also watch this. Yeah.

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