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Wind, rain, hot tea and a good book

Need a good book for the upcoming darker days of autumn and winter? I got one for you!

Get yourself a copy of Andrew Davidsonís 'The Gargoyle'.

Its about a guy on the lower end of fateís mercy, a junkie, porn actor and producer, who had a car accident and barely survived. He wakes up in hospital with most severe burns all over his body, actually he is fucked up beyond all recognition. Just when he decided to get out of there as soon as possible only to kill himself a mysterious woman appears. She claims to be his former loved one.Ö500 years ago in medieval Europe.....

Canadian Andrew Davidson made it a hypnotizing story of imagination and distant memories, while you never know, what is real and what is not. His descriptions of life in the European Dark Ages are so intense, that you can almost smell the cattle and sheep, when the guys are approaching a new town. The story is changing times and views back and forth from the guy of today to the woman 500 years ago with incredible love for details. Itís so amazing how much of historical facts Davidson was able to weave into the actual story without overloading it or underlining his historical research too much. It was only after I read the book and started some searching myself that I noticed a good part of the historical storyline is based on (what we believe to be) facts really.

Donít get fooled by the title, though, like I was. Itís not a Fantasy or Horror novel. Itís a very simple story with most intense and impressive feeling for situations and the skill to imagine the thoughts and life of some conceived persons. I expected something different when I picked it up randomly, but this book knocked me off my feet. The only bad thing about this one was: it, too, had a last page!

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Re: Wind, rain, hot tea and a good book

Hey dude! I remember that book! Many years ago I had it but now I can not find it... Well, I recommend!! And I love such a weather - rain, fog and in general darknes...mmmm

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