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Settings Bug


I just noticed a bug - whenever someone clicks on the Settings tab to modify the settings, the value for "Store in Cookie" is automatically reset to "Nothing", thus, even though someone modifies some other value, one's previous setting for this is lost. This explains why everytime I made changes to my settings, the next time onwards I had to re-type my login ID and password, as my setting to store my password and the username was lost each time.

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Re: Settings Bug

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Re: Settings Bug

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The only bug is that the new status ("nothing", "user name + password") doesn't show up right after you pressed the buttons. If you click "Settings" again, it's there, and if it's there the cookie is there, too. This still must be fixed, but only for cosmetical reasons. The cookie itself however is being set as it should. If it doesn't work on your machine, you either switched off the saving of cookies that last longer than one session, or some very clever proxy or firewall discards those cookies in the headers.

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