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Space Elevator?

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Take a look at this link from the techtv website.,24330,3395810,00.html

This idea was prompted on Thursday's show of the screensavers. A poll was taken to determine what the best use of tax dollars would be. The options were either an early-warning earthquake detection system, or a space elevator. I'm more interested in the elevator.

Imagine what could be possible with such a device. I dare say "space travel" isn't so far fetched now. Supposedly, this was the technology used on Earth to get people to a ship-building satellite according to Gene Roddenbery. I doubt we'll be making ships in outer space soon, but this really would make space travel a much simpler concept. It would literally be as easy as pushing the button for the 2nd story and waiting a few hours for the elevator to get there. :)
Just don't press the "stop" button or it might take a while before help arrives. :D

What do all of you think of this idea? According to the screen savers from the website, it would cost approximately 10 billion dollars. Is this a worthy cause for so many tax dollars?

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Re: Space Elevator?

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I read Arthur C. Clarke's book where the idea of space elevators probably came up for the first time. I think the English title is "The Fountains of Paradise".

They should do it if they are sure that it will work, and that it would save them real money. I don't think you can get funding for that large a sum if it's just a proof of concept project.

This guy, Clarke ("2001", "2010", etc.), is a true visionary. As far as I know the idea of "satellites" also was his, but he never patented it, which he of course regretted a lot later.

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mace *** replies...

Re: Space Elevator?

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Arthur C. Clarke is one of my favorite authors. He also discusses the idea of a kind of "space elevator" in 3001. I don't want to give away any of the story though.. I would recommend to everyone that they read the entire series. =)

An article written by him in 1945 led to the invention of satellite technology. I believe he also came up with the concept of a geosynchronous orbit, as well as the idea of using the gravity of a planet or moon to assist the travel of a spacecraft (the idea that saved the crew of Apollo 13).

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