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Bad Directors and other ugly monkeys

I was told the other day at the job I do 5 days a week that I was very flexible and was thanked that I was that way.
This compliment came out of the mouth of an ill placed little director who is ambitious and arrogant.

I replied that I wished they would make up their mind because I just wanted to get this part of the job done, so I had to be flexible.

This little director and her twin who is equally arrogant and ambitious didn't say much. Both of these wretched people work under the same disaster of a director that I do.
The ugly soul at the top of this heap of three is about as much of a director as I am the queen of England.

What makes the head director so ugly in the soul is that their true colors are all about achieving their own ends no matter who they have to sacrifice to get what they want.

Their whole way of running the department makes everyone who works in that department a target when ever it's needed by her to get what she wants.
She is one ugly bitch underneath that stereo typical blonde cheerleader type that have as much brains as a bowl of cereal.

I've come to believe the reason the CEO of the place hired her is that he has a thing for blondes who have some quality about their body that makes look almost like a hybread of the Amazon woman that's in those cheesy B Si-Fi movies.

The top assistant director that he chose looks like an Amazon Barbie doll right down to her ability to wear that neon barbie doll pink. She's this jock in this giant woman's body and she's got the long blonde hair. I swear she looks like a giant barbie doll and she is scary to look at.

As the assistant director of the place the only thing she cares about is making people do her thing, what ever that is.
She's miserable. It oozes out of her pores but I'm guessing she makes good money which is why she stays.
The leadership qualities she has would be better served as a basket ball coach due to her jock nature.
I could easily see her having a sex change operation and no one ever guessing that she was once a woman.

The receptionist at the front desk of the offices of the company is another really tall blonde that reminds me of another version of the barbie doll variety.
I have no idea if she is anything but a deep well of arrogance because that's all that's ever smacked into my face every time I talk to her.

The public receptionist is this short sturdy blonde from Germany who reminds me of a compact version of the Amazon woman movie type.
She has no sense of humor, just this cold hard drive thing going on.

All of these women are the CEO's choice and all of them are in the wrong job.

The director of the department I work in would make a great flight attendant. When I finally am able to quit this job I'm going to tell her that she would make a great flight attendant because her skills as the director of a nutrition department are lousy.

This woman is going to end up destroying what used to be a strong department before she got hired.
When it starts happening she will panic and try to push the responsibility for it onto who ever she can to escape the CEO realizing that she is endangering his cash cow (that's the department I work in and it's the department that allows the company to keep their non profit status) and fire her.

The premise of the non profit that started the whole thing has been buried under a whole lot of other stuff, but it's kept alive so that it can continue to produce lots and lots of donations in large sums of money. A large cut of all that donated money goes first into the CEO's pockets and then smaller big chunks are paid to these different directors leaving just enough to keep the cash cow at the subsistence level.
The bastard CEO has been at this mess for a very long time.
The only thing I can see that will ever help is if the CEO decides to retire or he dies. The man has no heart outside of the one that keeps the blood pumping through that body he is in.

Knowing all of this keeps me searching for another job. I haven't found one yet but every day I think maybe today I'll find the one that will allow me to leave this mess behind me like a bad nightmare.

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