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Something needs to change

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On my way home today, a couple were kissing on the train, they were making me feel sick, their slurping noises made me want to sucker punch him straight in the ribs and drop him, would I be greated with raptuous applause? I doubt it, everyone on the train is either reading a book or has a newspaper in their face absorbing the stories, the fear, the desire, the stuff you dont really need to know about.

Perhaps people feel they need to load the stories for future conversational ammo, 'did you read about the puppy with 12 legs'. I am blind to the news, I find I am more free and happy without it, I haven't read one in many years.

Again the couple kiss, I am sitting and they both stand in front of me, they are young, and in love, I appreciate this, however I can't help but be annoyed. The noise is similair to the guy at work who eats with his mouth open, he presses his tounge against the roof of his mouth and opens his lips whilst slowly realeasing his tounge suction.

Tolerance is a 21st century neccessity, I'm glad I am going home, a whole week off work awaits me, no more early alarm calls or rush hour train journeys, I'm not sure exactly what I will be doing, I'm assuming a mixture of communication, entertainment and gluttony, if I were a millionaire things would be much the same.

At other times I will just be a human being, occupying a space, thinking about things. I question work, I question life. I earn good money now but my mortgage is just another bill to pay. In the same way whereas a Mayfly lives for a day and hurridly attempts to reproduce before it dies, I feel I am a human trying to marry, spawn, pay off the mortgage and then die, thats my day.

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An observation and an idea,,,

Reading your post reminds me of how life can be so over loaded with too much information.
There is no way to filter most of it, so it just becomes food that gets shoved into the eyes and ears and then sits in the stomach waiting for digestion or being rejected and then vomited up like some kind of putrid mass of something...

After a long enough time line everything becomes stale and dried out.
Longing for a change, good or bad becomes the hope of the drowning soul in a sea of humanity that all looks the same, does the same (in different shades of what's suppose to be life) and paying bills and eating requires participation which means swimming around in it day after day.
It can be come uglier than ugly on a stick.

What I would offer to shatter this thick sludge is to get yourself a bottle of bubbles and go outside and start blowing bubbles. Watch the light play against them. They are transient and so fragile. Beautiful and untouchable..touching them makes them die.

It may sound stupid or childish, but when life and all that keeps being the same old same gets up to the eyes, maybe it's time to relearn how to play like a child does and possibly rediscover something of some kind of happy. Even if it's just for a few minuets.

Just a thought. Do with it what you will....

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Re: An observation and an idea,,,

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