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Feb 01, 2016 06:27 # 47569

Magnifico *** announces...

Food type things

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Any of you guys been eating lately? I think I've had at least a couple of meals since the last time I posted here. Hell, I've probably made Käsepätzle at least once since then.

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Mar 20, 2016 01:44 # 47576

ginsterbusch *** wants to know...

Re: Food type things

Please go into details!
what did you use?

plain grated analogue cheese? onions? what spices?

käsespätzle are a verrrrra serious meal. As are most of the so-called "simple" ones. Just like the "simple" meal I'm cooking right now - the allmighty "classic" bolognese sauce with noodles ;)

.. haven't decided WHICH noodles yet, though. had a bit too much of the ultra-German Classic "spaghetti with something" lately.

... yeah right, chopped spaghetti with just about anything. ... is FUCKING easy! :)

cu, w0lf.

ps: vltra-cooking geek. these days :)

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Apr 20, 2016 03:33 # 47579

Magnifico *** replies...

Re: Food type things

Probably some käse, definitely spätzle if I recall. Are there particular spices meant for the dish? My boarische cooking has been pretty limited, mostly the spätzle-schnitzel-spargel Holy Trinity.

PS - how the hell have you been?

I'll believe in anything if you'll just believe in anything

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Apr 20, 2016 03:41 # 47581

ginsterbusch *** has all the information you need...

Re: Food type things

PS - how the hell have you been?

oh, so far, so good.

Been doing great lately, after having moved to the center of Germany last year in September. Well, mostly job-wise, that is.

This week is a bit insane though - trying to finish a job that's supposed to be mostly done on Friday .. but damn, it pays so well .. :D

Love life - well. A bit underwhelming, but after a way too rushed affair / "romance" it's finally developing into something better than just plain "staying single" and feeling a bit hollow and empty once in a while. Also, this monopoly money thing gets less surreal as soon as there might be the chance for a new significant other :D

Yeah, that's about it.

cu, w0lf.

beards are cool. every villain has one!

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