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Aug 31, 2002 20:02 # 4996

null smiles...


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Friday morning: was told to pack my bags until 6pm and wait.
Friday evening: got taken to a wellness hotel in the Swiss alps.
Saturday evening: after 10 hours of refreshing sleep, some hours in the indor pool / salt water pool, a whole-body 'beauty' treatment and a delicious 5-course meal (not to mention the massage tomorrow) I'm feeling like reincarnated or something.
Thanks Orchid, you rule! This is exactly what I've needed. I owe you one!

(These pics are 15min old and our tummies are still fighting with the dinner. :-) )



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Hawkeye *** replies...

Re: Orchid!

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I hope that couple will soon be andromacha and I. This christmas, I plan on coming to Italy and seeing my precious. I know that both of us have been waiting a long time to see each other. It is almost destiny that we do. Of course, we both must return to our lives afterwards, and I am thinking that this will be the most difficult part of the trip.

Btw, how the heck did you manage to take those pictures anyway? With sluggish stomachs, I wouldn't make it half-way to the bed with a quick timer. :)

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andromacha *** replies...

Re: Orchid!

You bet Hawkeye!! We'll be like null and orchid soon. We just have to wait 3 more months and a half, and that is nothing in comparison to what we already did, right?

I am sure we'll have much fun at Christmas since the first day you are here. I promise we'll try to concentrate as many exciting and beautiful things couples do as possible in the few days we can stay together.

I know... you'll have to get back home, but I plan on coming for the summer, and I will hopefully stay a little more than the days you can stay here this winter.

What I know for sure is that we'll have to post some of our photos on NAO as proof of all the happiness and sweetness we'll be sharing :) So, be ready guys out there! :P

This christmas, I plan on coming to Italy and seeing my precious.

Isn't he sweet? I couldn't have found anyone better than my Sweet Muffin of Joy!! :)

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