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Sep 02, 2002 14:21 # 5007

andromacha *** has a suggestion...

Buying things on line.

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this subject, but oh well... I figure that someone will read it all the same :)

Recently, I found a cool site which allows you to buy and sell things on line. Probably, you've already heard about it. It is Ebay.
It is a good place indeed, and I've already found 2 CD's by Tim McGraw (I'm sorry, Hawkeye, I had to mention him again. Now you'll actually think I am obsessed by that guy). Well, I couldn't find those CD's in Italy because they are kinda old, and there aren't so many persons here who likes country music.

You can really find anything... books, CD's, computer's components... My cousin sold his old computer, and earned 400 bucks. Isn't that cool? I'm still trying to sell part of my past... Some years ago my friends would make me Backstreet boys'CD's for my birthdays. I am desperately trying to sell that horrible stuff (no offence to anyone who likes that kind of music. I'll be glad to send those CDs to you :P )

Well, I think that if you need something, and don't want to spend much, that is the right place to look at.

:) And, no, Hawkeye, if you are looking for the same ring Brad Pitt gave to Jennifer Aniston... well that isn't the right place :)

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Sep 07, 2002 18:02 # 5162

shaurz * replies...

Re: Buying things on line.

eBay is a really famous web-site. I haven't bought or sold anything on there yet. You just gotta be careful to avoid the fraudsters.

I'm on the look out for an Acorn A4, it's an old (and fairly rare) laptop that runs RISC OS. I haven't seen one on eBay yet (except a broken one).

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