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Martin *** replies...

Re: Congrats...

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What really makes me sad and mad and so forth is that no one of you made an effort to understand Hawkeye's point of view. You all decided that NAO is fine this way (and I may or may not agree with you, but I don't really care), and so he was automatically wrong. There was no thing he could say or do, he was wrong.

Dear, andromacha, I'm sorry to say, its exactly the other way round! Go back and count the tries while everybody quietly tried to explain whats going on, that we had those discussions before and so on. Of course there is noone here who does NOT see his point of view, but seeing a point and wanting it to change are two different things. And if you keep telling, explaining the same thing 5 times but cannot see the slightest reaction, but only hear the same stubborn thoughts, sorry, thats when I'm getting angry, true!

If I'm the only who wants to cross the street while the lights are red and stand still while its green, I cannot seriously expect the world to change. So either I have to live with it and get hit by cars permanently or try to change my behavior, cause the world wont change the rules for me, definitley not.

Fact is that I didn't see Hawkeye moving his position, not even in his last post, not even think about it, and what is the worst in my eyes he was not even *interested* to be informed how its meant to be. That's what I call ignorance!

The only thing you could do was to insult him, yelling at him because he always wants the best for himself. What's wrong with that?

Again I'm sorry, this is also not true. He wants to be *acknowleged* as the best, he wants to hear it everyday a dozend times. For himself its not important if he really is, but only that other people THINK he is, and that's an important difference. I guess, and thats a blind shot, it was not the first time that he had a problem with his behavior in a community. I'd say he has a problem there, but we, I am not his psychatrist, I'm just a human being that reacts pretty allergic to those kind of characters, cause there were way too much crossing my life before!
If he really only wanted the best for himself, he'd be quietly enjoying his success and not making such a fuzz about it. Really, I'm absolutely not interested at all if he was the best in which class at school, I did not ask for this piece of information, but the way he baths in his success really makes me sick.

He was just trying to make you see his point of view, and you could have politely explained things (as null did with me), instead of saying to read NAO's instructions and so forth.

You cannot say that we didn't try, go back and read it again!

Martin, you have been really impolite with him. Basically you said that he is dumb (and you did that more than once),

And, yes, I'd repeat every word as I said it in connection to this topic and this discussion! There's nothing I feel I have to be sorry for.

because he couldn't understand your point of view. You said to read NAO's guideline... yeah... and what if he wasn't satisfied by that? What if he needed more or different or clearer answers?

So it would have been his turn to ask more specific questions, but to repeat the same old wrong statements again and again.

You just accused him not to read things or not to understand things.

And that's still my impression.

I think that the first one who doesn't understand things here is you.

Maybe. *I* am not the one to say to be infallible. But I got an impression, I got a feeling of whats going on, and most times I can rely on my feelings, not always, but most times. And I trust my feelings.

No one of you made a little effort to understand where Hawkeye and I were coming from. Why? Just because we are kinda new on NAO, so our opinion doesn't matter. You've been here for more time, so you know your stuff right? You say things and expect the others to agree with you...

You are not the first new users to NAO. Funny, all others made it somehow. D'you think they're all too weak to stand against the power and might of NAO reguar user?
We were ready and willing to discuss this topic, again, for the 432th time, and it all started quite and calm.
No I'm sick to go through this once again.

Well, I just want to let you know what you just did with your idiot behavior... Hawkeye decided not to post anymore here. At least for some days.

Cant say its makin me sad.

<just for the record: when starts a post to be a flame, when starts a thread to be a flame war? I'm still thinking about whether or not this is the first deserved Red>

I partially agree with him, and I can understand him. He was under attack wherever he turned his head. You have talked so much about respect... ah-hah nice words.. but still just words. I think you should learn what respect is. I'm talking most of all to you, Martin. You are the one who treated him the worst, and you don't even know what respect means. I suggest you to pick a vocabulary, and look up for that word. Afterwards, I suggest you to follow what the vocabulary says.

Wuuuhuuuu, all guns blazing! Its gonna get dirty, right? I must say you dont really know me when I put aside my dictionary. I understand you're sad about what happened to your loved one, but pretending to be the insulted princess doesn't quite fit you. Come on, you can do better! Needs a little more to get me goin...

<Sorry, null, if I'm repeating, I wrote this one offline, and just saw yours now, !applause for it!>

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null throws in his two cents...

Re: Congrats...

<Sorry, null, if I'm repeating, I wrote this one offline, and just saw yours now, !applause for it!>

Same to you! :-) How come you always write the stuff I forgot?

PS, you forgot to rate my post green. :-P

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Sep 06, 2002 10:11 # 5107

Martin *** replies...

Re: Congrats...

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PS, you forgot to rate my post green.

Ooops, yes, right. And since I only give Greens to my best it comes! ;-)

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Hawkeye *** replies...

Re: Congrats...


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Orchid *** shakes her head...

Re: Congrats...

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We didn't insult Hawkeye.
And he is wrong.
It's ok to wanna be the best but it is not okay to force us believing the same and rate all his posts green.
Everybody has a different opinion.

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Sep 06, 2002 15:59 # 5122

Orchid *** has all the information you need...

Re: Congrats...

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Try to look at it from our side.
We always got along wit each other very well, also with Hawkeye.
But one fine day he came and complained about our perfectly well functioning rating system.
We felt a bit offended and tried to explain. OK...
But he didn't believe us and went on lamenting. We all tried to explain it a second time with a maybe longer and detailled post.
And he still wasn't satisfied though we invested more time then usually into this discussion.

How shall we feel? Not offended? Nothing went wrong till now. Everybody was happy with the system because we once also had (a little bit shorter and not so heaty) discussion about it.
Then it was OK... Until now. One user isn't happy. And why???

I wonder what Jaz's going to say after his return...

Hawkeye, take the weekend, take your time to reread everythin and call dawn a bit. Maybe you suddenly get something... ;-)

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andromacha *** replies...

Re: Congrats...

I just think it is wrong they way you are acting towards me, guys. I did nothing to deserve those reds, and you know that. I know that either, so... do you really think you can offend me? No, you'll have to do more to offend me. I don't think I've cried enough... Ask Martin. He can surely help you. He seems so good at treating me bad, especially when i don't deserve it.

I was just pointing out my opinions, and no one should have felt free of giving me a red for that. I doubt that my posts can be considered spamming stuff.

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Sep 05, 2002 21:09 # 5090

Orchid *** replies...

Re: Hmm

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It's about subjectivity here.
We all know this teacher unfair-situation very well I think.
Who wasn't once or more often disappointed to get a non expected low mark for a essay or exam in which he or she laid a very big effort.
Of course the parents also say: "You'd deserve a better mark."
But parents don't know anything about the system unless they're teachers themselves. Mine aren't.
Have you talked to the teacher? We easily come to judge the teacher as one who gives marks personally. There are such teachers. But they are easily to identify.
Your teacher wasn't one of those, right?
Most of the students are just feeling hurted and don't talk to the teacher but if they do, he'll sure explain why he gave a worse mark then expected.

Hawkeye can spend a lot of time writing a post, too and some may really rate it green because they see the work in it and so on.
Some may not. Where would we get to if we would all have the same opinion of a post?

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Sep 06, 2002 06:26 # 5100

andromacha *** replies...

Re: Hmm

Well, my mom has been a chemistry teacher for a while, Orchid. And I will never forget when my actual chemistry teacher gave me B, because was convinced that sulphuric acid was H2SO3 and not H2SO4.

So my mom can understand pretty well what I was saying, and if you are saying that parents usually tell their sons they'd deserve a better grade just to say it, but without really mean it... well you are completely wrong!

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Sep 06, 2002 09:42 # 5106

andromacha *** replies...

Re: Hmm

Fine. This is what you all think. Alright, I don't think I have enough time to lose my time on NAO anymore.
Martin, what do you know about me? Nothing, nothing at all, but still you offended and insulted me!

So, au revoir!

Italy no longer accepts illegal immigrants. Mr. B sink their boats!!!!!!!

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