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Sep 09, 2002 00:29 # 5178

Ettena *** smiles...


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Sorry, Null, that I imitate a subject of yours here..

but I just have to...

Thank you, Jaz for being so wonderful!

Against my known-as-introvert attitude I just have to share this joy and pleasure.

Despite some half-fights and (pseudo-)fights our vacation was soooo great and I enjoyed being together with and close to you for a longer time and it might even have been a test for us maybe moving together one day..?

I want to say thanks for:

not breaking the car

nor even a jar

(i know you wouldn't

although I couldn't

stop teasing you,

telling you might)

thanks for the fight(s),

from which, I'm sure,

I gained a lot

or did i spot

the beauty of your person

in the fight?

I think I'm right!

There is my clue:

I'm so deep in love with you.


Tschüss, alder Babbsack! Hier parkste richtig.

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