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Sep 16, 2002 22:26 # 5339

oxygenius *** smiles...

My birthday!!!


now today i'm celebrating my 22nd Dee Ouh Bee :D
(for all non-insiders: Day Of Birth).

well, and it seems as THIS TIME people RECOGNIZE it. makes me feel kinda happy after having nearly to tread people to congratulate me ;)

and THIS TIME i feel like being child again - cause when i was a child i always felt a bit more wiser, grown up every time i celebrated my birthday. just great ;)

managed to make it through my fucking exams 2 months ago, now having a pretty bad 'Fachabitur', but anyway! I managed it! ;)
had a bad breakdown, depressions and all the first half year, cause i didnt get through exams the year before and had to repeat the classes, but ... GOT IT!

And now being in my 23rd year of life - don't know if you understand what i mean ...

ps: btw: now in Germany it's 0:30 in the morning ;)

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Sep 16, 2002 22:32 # 5340

Martin *** smiles...

Re: My birthday!!!

So happy birthday then, and congrats for this exams!
Have a nice party tonight or right now, whatever! :-D

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