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Reasons to be happy and proud

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Today I felt really proud, guys. And I wasn't proud of myself, but of one of the persons I love the most on this world... My lovable cousin Andrea!

This morning at 9:30 am I was with him and my family in the Aula Magna of Politecnico of Turin. The most important Italian university for engineering. My sweet cousin majored in Telecommunications Engineering right this morning. He got a good score indeed... 108/110. One of the best grades out of the 70 guys who majored with him.

I couldn't help but cry, and so his girlfriend did. She was sat beside me, and when they called his name we hugged very tight, and clapped our hands and cried... My God I am so happy. He is really a wonderful guy and he deserves all this. I've never been so proud of him before.

When I got to talk to him I hugged him very tight and said "There you are, honey!" He is so happy :) and I am too. I love him as if he were an older brother, and today it was one of the most beautiful days of my life :)
I can really say, "Andrea, you rule!"

Italy no longer accepts illegal immigrants. Mr. B sink their boats!!!!!!!

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