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UT2k3 WOW, what a game!!!

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schatten * has all the information you need...

Re: UT2k3 WOW, what a game!!!

full version is 2.7GB to install.
you do not need the cd in your cdrom drive to play it on linux.

Note that, u. o. u., s. is not a computer program and his answers might not always be appropriate.

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Jaz *** replies...

Re: UT2k3 WOW, what a game!!!

You're right, what probably impressed me even more than the graphics was the fact that it still runs fine on my ancient machine.

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Martin *** replies...

Re: UT2k3 WOW, what a game!!!

It does??? Wooah, and I refrained from dl because I thought it wouldn't run smoothly anyway.... okay, will give it shot right now!

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