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Oct 30, 2002 16:37 # 6120

chris ** mindlessly drivels...

Chris is back

Yep, I'm back. Sorry about the long vacation from NAO. I just made a major breakthrough on my thesis work, which has freed up a lot of time for me. I should have my degree finished in April.

Then I get to look for work so that I can start supporting my family again :)


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Oct 30, 2002 16:43 # 6121

ReallyCoolDude *** replies...

Re: Chris is back

Welcome back Chris! We did miss you a lot out here. Glad to see you back, and nice to know about the thesis.

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Oct 31, 2002 16:47 # 6128

chris ** replies...

Re: Chris is back

Thanks. It's good to have a little time to play. It's been a long time.

I noticed some cool new stuff on NAO, like the fact that many of you have put up actual pictures of yourselves (or are those pictures of someone else...? Ah, the joys of self-promotion). Neato!

I think I'll remain visually anonymous, however :)


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Oct 30, 2002 19:14 # 6122

Martin *** replies...

Re: Chris is back

Good to see you back, buddy! In the meantime even your existance was doubted! ;-) Also congratulations for your progress!

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