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Nov 06, 2002 16:33 # 6206

Jaz *** smiles...

It's done! Oh my goddess it's done!

I'm done with my math excercise sheet for week three. I'm not posting the URL for the sheet because all you geniuses will tear apart in two minutes what took me a freaking two days.

I wonder if we will be allowed two days with the exams?

For those who didn't know it, I am studying Discrete Math Theory at the University of Augsburg. It's way more fun than Computer Science would be.

Oh man :)

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Nov 08, 2002 01:53 # 6243

oxygenius *** throws in his two cents...

Re: It's done! Oh my goddess it's done!

whatever you say, Jaz ... whatever you say.

I'm not a great mathematician at all, although my IQ tests made when i was in the first class/grade say something different (more exactly: the COMPLETE opposite).

I'd be lucky to get into Applied Computer Sience (== WI) or Media Computer Sience (Medieninformatik)... :)

once again, just my 2 cents ... btw: did you see my marbles somewhere? seem to have lost 'em .. :D

cu, w0lf.

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Nov 08, 2002 12:10 # 6254

fallenangel *** replies...

Re: It's done! Oh my goddess it's done!

This post was deleted by request of the author.

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