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Nov 23, 2002 21:13 # 6574

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hi there folks,

just came back from my trip to Karlsruhe (english tourism information goes here), which i found out is quite a GREAT citiy for studying and also "just" living there :)

as I'm still quite exhausted, there are some statistics and facts for now (will post some more a bit later):

- was "on my feet" about 10-12 hours á day (3 days)
- one of the biggest european open-air, for-free music festival is taking place there every year
- while more than 200.000 (two hundred THOUSAND) people are gathering there for 2-3 days
- Karlsruhe is consisting of about 300.000 citizens
- about 20.000 students are studying there
- good city transport system, by which you also can get to Heidelberg, Baden-Baden, etc., because the city trains are also able to use the standard 'DB' railways
- Number 2 of the state
- was founded and built by the great german emperor Karl der Große (therefrom comes the name 'Karlsruhe' - which easily could be translated to 'where Karl went to relax' / 'to sleep')
- has a very unique city architecture (so-called 'Fächerstadt' / 'radial city' (more info see over there)
- and some more .... laterz on :)

cu all, w0lf.

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