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Dec 08, 2001 11:11 # 677

AbInitio * smiles...


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Record-breaking warm weather when this time last year brought heavy snows!!! That rules!!! (I took a short walk today without a coat!!!)

Helios, I thank you kindly. Please keep it comin'...and make mine a double! ;-)


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Dec 08, 2001 15:58 # 689

frank *** replies...

Re: Heat...

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Dec 10, 2001 22:07 # 722

Orchid *** replies...

Extremely deep freezing

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Oh you both are very lucky!
I don't know how the temperature's here in Switzerland but you can hardly go outside the door without catching another cold.
And I just don't know what to dress, I'm walking around in underwear, T-Shirt, pullover, warm jacket and fat coat but am still shivering that much.
And my poor car always has to be cleaned off the thick ice on the front window.

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