Reading What Rules

Dec 19, 2001 13:08 # 932

eve * is unsure about...

RULES that I 've never known of

What rules in my daily routines for a couple of months has been math + computers...I am totally out of this world and I don't know how to move into it....I am the literature type and I don't quite know how I choose informatics to rule my days....yet I do take pleasure in this..

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Dec 21, 2001 14:24 # 993

joel * wants to know...

Re: RULES that I 've never known of

Yeah, I know that feeling. This last term I've read more math than I ever thought existed. It's fun, though, so I don't mind.

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Dec 26, 2001 14:23 # 1043

Yue * posts about...

Re: RULES that I 've never known of

know what? i think mathematix really sucks. imagine using algebra for solving easy questions and another thing, i haven't seen x or y walking around. have you? :)

Dec 26, 2001 14:30 # 1044

Jaz *** shakes his head...

Re: RULES that I 've never known of

You can do some impressing graphics programming, and some other nifty coding tricks using math. Also stochastics is some really cool stuff.

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Re: RULES that I 've never known of

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the best pleasure is the one you get out of fucking someone. (jst joking :)

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Martin *** isn't happy...

Re: RULES that I 've never known of

Hey, boy, would you please read the topics and stay with it or come back when you've finished your puberty, okay? Nothing against the pleasures you're talking of, but not as answer for 2 out of 3 replies of yours. Go and read the NAO policy again. Thanks for your understanding.

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eve * posts about...

SOME NICE RE to myself!!!

math is just like x-mas ..never know what you are to get and why......

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