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My running is improving

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I am happy today. The first league track meet happened earlier tonight and I did fairly well. Despite eating a gross amount of Chinese food last night and almost nothing today, I managed to remain well long enough to run the mile and the 800m (half-mile).
Almost hit my personal best for the mile, at 5:07. Broke my old record by a couple seconds in the 800, getting somewhere around 2:13. And this was on a slow dirt track as well.
The coach said that it was the first time she had seen me running a race "aggressively" in about a year. I had a lousy season in crosscountry and that probably hurt my confidence. So I'm glad that I am shaking that off.
Don't really expect any replies here, just blithering happily before starting on my mound of homework.

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Re: My running is improving

there has to be some talented sporting people in the world!!


-mel :)

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