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Dec 21, 2001 11:40 # 989

Jaz *** smiles...


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Hollidays? Hollydays? Holidays? Holydays?

I don't even remember how to spell that word! But who cares: Sleeping as long as I want, doing the things I love, eating the stuff I like, Ettena, music, games, no uniform, no screaming lieutenant and Christmas presents! I'm even looking forward to my own presents... I really love to see other people opening the presents I prepared for them.

To make this wonderful day truely great, I'm going to throw a big all-the-pork-you-can-eat & more-barrel-of-bear-than-you-can-drink party with all my former classmates tonight, and I damn intend to have some serious fun!

And some more presents, *chuckle* :D

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Dec 21, 2001 13:59 # 991

joel * agrees...


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Holidays totally kick ass! I have THREE (3) weeks of absolute freedom. Now, how should I spend this time? Oh, I know... in bed! :)

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Dec 21, 2001 15:29 # 997

Alekseji ** agrees...


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I love big all–the–pork–you–can–eat & more–barrel–of–bear–than–you–can–drink parties.....

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