A new fixed-width font for programmers

Triskweline is a fixed-width font especially suited for text editors and programming environments. It was designed for maximum legibility and tidiness and supports all important symbols and Latin-1 characters.

If you're like me and sick of staring at Courier all day long you will love Triskweline.




The original Triskweline is a 10pt bitmap font in .FON format. Over the years other users contributed versions in different formats or encodings.

Download Format Encoding .FON bitmap font (Windows) Western (ISO 8859-1 / Windows-1252)
trisk.pcf.gz .PCF bitmap font (Linux, BSD, etc.) Western (ISO 8859-1 / Windows-1252) .TTF vector font (Windows) * Western (ISO 8859-1 / Windows-1252)
trisk.ttf.sitx ..TTF vector font (MacOS) * Western (ISO 8859-1 / Windows-1252) .FON bitmap font (Windows) Cyrillic (Windows-1251)

* The TrueType TTF version of Triskweline works only at size 10 pt, which should do for your programming editor of choice. However, printing will look funny, as will using the font in word processors like Word or drawing tools like Corel Draw. If your editor supports it, prefer the pixel-font versions of Triskweline (.FON or .PCF).


If you enjoy Triskweline and would like to donate a small amount of your currency, please use the PayPal button below. Donations will mostly be spent on trashy science fiction novels.


Triskweline was made in 2003 by Henning Koch.
PCF-conversion courtesy of Hunter Morris.
TTF-conversion courtesy of Vicki Brown.
Cyrillic version courtesy of Андрей 'd1337r', with a fix from Eugen Zagorodniy.


Uploaded a fix for the character #191 in the Cyrillic version.
Published a Cyrillic version of Triskweline.
Published a Macintosh TTF version of Triskweline.
Published a Windows TTF version of Triskweline.
Triskweline 1.2 released: Added the Euro-Symbol
Triskweline 1.1 released: Fixed the ampersand / New capital A, acute A, circumflex A, etc. / Serifs for capital I / Wider capital J / New 4 / Fixed spacing issue with lowercase f / Made upper Latin-1 characters match their lower code cousins in width
Triskweline 1.0 released

2003 by Henning Koch | Software will save us